Solve 60% NEET PG MCQs

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Q1) Why is it important to learn high yield points for NEET PG?

High Yield point means important information of that topic.

We never tell that a student should restrict to only high yield points, but we are suggesting to learn high yield points first…Prioritization is very important….

Student A learned high yield content first later he learned regular content in his free time…and revising high yield content multiple times

Student B read a lot of content and struggling to revise what he read because of time factor…

Now tell me who are going to crack exam?


Q2) Is it really possible to revise the NCPs (NEET PG Core Points) in 32-40 hours?

Yes, it is possible. With our practical experience we are telling that

A student can revise 8-10 NCPs per minute, so student can revise 20,000 NEET PG Core Points in 32-40 hours. If at all you spend extra three to five hours, what’s troubling you?

Quickly revising high-yield points in less time allows for multiple revisions before the exam, which is the key to crack any exam.


Q3) is it really possible to solve 60% MCQs with NCPs?

In any exam, the examiner want to test if the student has learned minimum must and should know points first. After that rare components.

Will the examiner expect to learn MD/MS level questions from a MBBS doctor?


Normally in NEET PG around 80% MCQs are common, must and should know topics based points. If you learn these common must and should know topics based points, 80% marks will be in your pocket.


NEET PG Core Points (NCPs) are simple, must and should learn topics based high yield points. That’s why we are confidently telling that if you learn NCPs you will be able to solve at least 60% NEET PG MCQs directly or by eliminating the choices

Minimum 60%  of 200 MCQs of NEET PG → 120 MCQs → 480 Marks 



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