Sample NEET PG Core Points (NCPs) 3.0


Sample NEET PG Core Points


👉Gall bladder calculi shows posterior acoustic shadowing whereas

     Gall bladder polyp does not show posterior acoustic shadowing.


👉 PFT findings in asthma:

      Decreased FEV1, Decreased FVC, Decreased FEV1/FVC ratio,

      Increased RV, Decreased Maximal expiratory flow,

      Normal or increased DLCO


👉 Rubella- mild maculopapular rash, forchheimer spots on soft palate

     Measles- morbiliform rash, Koplik spots.


👉 RBC casts - in acute glomerulonephritis

      Fatty casts - in nephrotic syndrome

      Granular cast - in Acute or chronic inflammation of the kidney

      (usually  CRF).


👉 Tamm-Horsfall mucoprotein (also known as uromodulin) is

       a urine protein that is a normal constituent of urine.

       It does not arise from the plasma, but is produced in the

       thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, and is excreted at a rate of

       25 mg/day.


👉 Hallmark skin manifestations and likely pathognomonic features

      of Dermatomyositis are Gottron’s papules and heliotrope eruption.


👉 Molecular motor involved in orthograde transport is Kinesin.

      Molecular motor involved in retrograde transport is Dyenin.


👉Target organ damage is present in hypertensive emergency and absent in

     hypertensive urgency.


👉 AR (Aortic regurgitation) can cause characteristic head bob with

     each pulsation (de Musset sign).


👉 Krabbe disease is due to the deficiency of galactosylceramidase.

      It is a kind of lysosomal storage disease under sulfatidoses.


👉 Goodpasture syndrome: Autoimmune disorder characterized by pulmonary

      alveolar haemorrhages and glomerulonephritis


👉 Closure of the ductus arteriosus  can be prevented by prostaglandin E1

      and facilitated by indomethacin (via inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis).


👉 Bowen disease - Epidermal cells stain with antibodies to keratin

      Cutaneous melanoma - Epidermal cells stain with antibodies to S-100


👉 Antiglaucoma causing iris pigmentation is latanoprost

      Antiglaucoma causing conjunctival pigmentation is adrenaline


👉 Magnesium toxicity is associated with loss of patellar reflexes,

      respiratory  depression, and cardiac arrest.

  • Treat with calcium gluconate 10% solution 1 g IV.


👉 In craniosynostosis, infants have small fontanelles.

      Craniosynostosis is premature fusion of cranial sutures


👉 Krukenberg tumor is the name for a mucin-secreting

     gastrointestinal cancer that metastasizes to the ovaries.

👉 Tiagabine inhibits GABA reuptake 

      Vigabatrin irreversible inhibits GABA transaminase

      (decrease GABA degradation).


👉 Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) is characterized by necrotizing

    arteritis of medium-sized and small arteries in various organs.

    PAN often spares the pulmonary vasculature


👉 Chordoma: Malignant midline bone tumor arising from fetal notochord,

      Slow-growing lesions seen in 40-60 years of age


👉 Leading Questions are Not permitted in:

      1. Examination in chief

      2. Re-Examination

      3. Dying Declaration

    Leading Questions are permitted in:

      1. Cross Examination

      2. Dying Deposition

      3. Hostile Witness


♦♦ Normally in NEET PG around 80% MCQs are common, must and should

       know topics based points.

       If you learn these common must and should know topics based points, 80%

       marks will be in your pocket.


♦♦♦  NEET PG Core Points (NCPs) are simple, must and should learn topics   

        based high yield points. That’s why we are confidently telling that

        if you  learn NCPs you will be able to solve

        at least  60% NEET PG MCQs directly or by eliminating the choices.


👉 Minimum 60%  of 200 MCQs of NEET PG → 120 MCQs → 480 Marks 


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