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👉You can revise each topic of Short Q&A Notes in 3 to 5 minutes.

👉If you spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, you can finish around 1500+ topics in 6 months.

👉You can achieve this without changing your existing preparation strategy or online platform.


Why Our Short Q&A Notes are best for Medical PG

👉 In Our Short Q&A Notes, specially prepared sequences of questions that promote deeper thinking among students.

👉 Our Short Q&A will increase curiosity and interest during the reading

👉 The idea is to make the students to practice questioning’ mode of learning that in turn improves analysis of the topic.

👉 This Short Q&A will help in Reinforcement of memory of learning points

👉 Our Unique Model of Short Q&A Notes of Revision Benefits

☑️Easy to read

☑️Student will know where to stress the point

☑️Student learning will be more active form instead of passive reading

☑️Revision will be relatively fast


The NBE notes are divided into two groups,

One covering basic concepts and the other focusing on advanced topics.


👉 Basic Conceptual Notes– Arranged in System wise

(The student can start reading immediately)


👉Subject Wise Notes: Focused on advanced topics

 (We are uploading regularly, and by April 5th, we will have uploaded all 19 subjects. We will send a notification after uploading each subject.)



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