Importance of Small Steps

  • Consistency principle is the law of growth.
  • Consistency and progression of small steps are the two success secrets when used together for long term success.
  • The law of growth is simply this - if you increase your efficiency or concentration or applied knowledge or you’re understanding by just 1% each and every day then your improvement over an entire year will be colossal.
  • If you add the 1% up over a year, you’ll improve 365%.
  • Success is a progression of small steps, one building on another, eventually creating monumental momentum.

“Inch by inch and anything’s a cinch.”

  • The law of growth is achieved by taking things step by step by step. You only get to take the big steps once you’ve done the smaller ones first.
  • For instance, if you practice 20 MCQs daily, in one month you will be able to complete 600 MCQs. In 6 months 3600 MCQs. If You revise 3600 MCQs… Then Who can stop your success of getting desired branch?
  • Can you see why so many people fail because they are looking for the instant fix to fulfil their dreams rather than following the path of continual improvement?
  • Finally, the key to continual improvement and growth is enthusiasm.
  • You have to be passionate at what you do.
  • Couple this with good habits and consistency and you’ll be shocked and amazed at what you can achieve.
  • Keep your ideas, preparation steps and visualise daily before you go to sleep….


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